Populate ListView using a API JSON Feed with Android Kotlin

About this tutorial

This sample tutorial Android (Kotlin) app displays a list of rent-a-bike around Houston, Texas. The purpose of this sample Android app:

  • Use Volley to get the JSON data
  • Populate the JSON data to ListView
  • By tapping a row, open a new activity that displays more information
    • Some data on the main activity will transfer to the second activity.


Most major cities around the world has a bike-share program. This app will get a list of bike stations in Houston, Texas, USA. The user can view the list of bike stations in Houston. If they want more information, they can tap on the bike station to view how many bikes are available and how many docks that they can return the bike.

Download the sample app

Download the project via GitHub

How-to and video

A video on how to develop this app is coming soon.

Upcoming tutorial

This is a simple and basic app. On the next tutorial, I will focus on enhancing the user-interface, Google Maps, GPS, and search. In addition, I will develop an iOS App (SwiftUI and Swift 5 [without storyboard])


Populated ListView using JSON API
After the user taps a row, the information was transferred to the new activity and gets more information using the Volley JSON API feed.

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